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Google "what is strategy?" Go on, we dare you. Okay, we'll just tell you—there are only about 1,580,000,000 results, and more being added daily.

What Does Strategy Mean To Us?

Defining business strategy may be hard, but does that necessarily mean that conceiving of, developing and implementing an organizational strategy also needs to be hard? We don’t think so. From our perspective, strategic planning is:

  • A state of mind
  • A mechanism we can use to align our team
  • A tool that allows for innovation and creative problem solving without losing sight of intended outcomes
  • The practice of knowing where we are, where we’re going and what lies between
  • A guide that allows us to choose between all of the things we might do (or not do) to realize our vision of the future
  • A means to an end, not the end

From our perspective, strategy is not:

  • The steps you take
  • Synonymous with tactics
  • To be confused with organizational efficiency
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