Performance measures
Organizational performance
Fostering teamwork
Business goals and objectives

American Idol contestants, NBA players, the high school band, Olympic gymnasts, Oscar nominees—they all know what “performance” means, and they know when they have done well, or not. In some cases, they go home; or they’re benched; or they medal; or they add “Oscar-winner” to their resumes.

What Does Performance Mean to Us?

We view a high-performing organization as one that consistently achieves its goals and objectives and accomplishes its tasks, in a quality, efficient and effective manner. But it isn’t just about the things we count [such as the number of customers served, the number of violent crimes, high school graduation rate, attendance at community events, admission rates, fund-raising dollars, and so on]. Performance goes beyond that: performance is about the people—both in and out of the organization—who work day in and out toward these goals and on tasks. And performance is also about the programs we are delivering—whether our programs are achieving the intended results at maximum efficiency.

Zelos supports organizational performance in four primary areas:

  • We’ll help your organization identify meaningful organizational and individual performance measures
  • We’ll help your organization understand and demonstrate its program successes and opportunities for improvement through formal, structured program evaluations
  • We’ll help your teams develop the skills, the techniques, and the desire to work together toward high organizational performance
  • We’ll assist individuals with meeting business goals and objectives or improving performance
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