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“Good is the enemy of great. Good is the mortal enemy of great.” — Jim Collins, author of international bestseller Good to Great.

What Does Customer Service Mean to Us?

Consider a scale from BAD to GOOD to GREAT. Now think about how well your organization provides service to its customers. Where on that scale would your organization fall, honestly? Most of our clients—both government and non-profits—believe that their organizations provide GOOD customer service (of course there are pockets of BAD and glimmers of GREAT, but overall, it‘s GOOD).

Is GOOD good enough? We don‘t think so, and neither do our clients.

Since the primary function of governments and non-profits is to serve customers (not generating more money for stockholders; not increasing sales), our clients routinely ask us to help them improve their customer service—both internally (staff serving each other) and externally (staff serving their customers and the community). Depending on their needs, we help by:

  • Assessing how well they are currently serving their customers, through customer satisfaction surveys and mystery shopping programs
  • Recommending, developing and delivering customized customer service training programs
  • Inspiring leadership and staff to remember why they chose to serve people in the first place, and to seize their opportunities to make a difference every day
  • Training evaluation and other initiatives to identify and document improvements in customer service
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