It feels like just yesterday that I bought Zelos from the fabulous Lou O’Boyle. But it wasn’t just yesterday—it was six years ago! During these six years, we’ve worked hard to keep many things the same: such as our extreme commitment to the quality of our work and our tireless efforts to help our government and non-profit clients with their strategy, planning, organizational development, and learning. And we will not stop.

We’ve also worked hard to change and grow. It’s super fun to learn new things for ourselves, to anticipate and adapt to our clients’ ever-shifting environments, and to offer our resources, expertise and knowledge in unique and smart ways. And I’ve been lucky to have a great team to help me change and grow. We are constantly learning.

No matter what we’re doing, we are absolutely driven by one thing: to help people, and then to find ways to help more people. To that end, we are pleased to introduce PATHZ – A Professional Growth Challenge. PATHZ is a set of services designed for anyone who wants to take charge of their own professional future (and who may not be lucky enough to work for an organization that engages Zelos!).

These services include opportunities for you, as an individual, to:

  • spend just 90 minutes to learn and practice new skills and to identify next steps in your professional growth in live, in-person WORKSHOPS;
  • speak one-on-one by phone with one of our professional growth GUIDES, who can help with current challenges you might be having in your work or with bigger picture career goals;
  • take a few minutes each day to do and consider a DAILY CHALLENGE that, over time, will help you become who and what you want to be at work; and
  • LEARN what to do and how to behave in situations that you may encounter at work (coming soon).

With PATHZ, we extend our trusted services to individuals who want help with their own professional growth and learning. After all, for over 12 years, Zelos has helped organizations do the work of organizations better, by helping them clearly define their visions, missions, goals, and values, and by training their teams and staff to achieve, efficiently and effectively. Now, we can help you do your work better, by helping you clearly define your vision, mission, goals and values, and by helping you continue to grow and learn and challenge yourself to do and be better at work. Please join us!

PATHZ - A Professional Growth Challenge