I recently had the opportunity to serve on a panel co-sponsored by Young Government Leaders and the Brookings Institute. The event presented to the 2015 Young Government Leaders (YGL) and Senior Executive Association Mentoring Program participants, focused on the importance of mentoring as an integral component of career and leadership development.

The panel led a vibrant and lively discussion of the value of mentoring and provided tips, tools, and techniques to the room full of future government leaders and their mentors. I shared real life stories and advice – including do’s and don’ts – and covered a variety of mentoring situations and related topics, such as informational interviewing, shadowing and establishing a personal “Board of Directors” to guide one’s professional and leadership journey.

I was so inspired by the mentees’ eagerness to learn, as evidenced by their many questions and the fact that they stayed after the formal session to have some one-on-one time with the panelists. The current President of YGL, Miguel Joey Aviles, told me after the session that “the audience is still raving about your insights about mentoring. Thank you for your support to the current and next generation of leaders in government.”

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