Zelos created a comprehensive skills development program to help information technology professionals learn and practice how to plan for, present and write about their technical information in a way that will resonate with non-technical audiences. Participants—up to 12 in each cohort—use real projects as the basis for their work throughout the 3-phase program. By design, we’ve incorporated these elements into the program:

  • 3 onsite in-person group training sessions;
  • Individual work in between onsite sessions to apply the learning;
  • Multiple practice and feedback opportunities, in person, by email and by phone.

Researched and facilitated by Helene Bumbalo, this 3-phase program walks participants through focus areas: focusing on your goal, the story, and the audience for a technical presentation; focusing on presentation technique and materials; and focusing on written summaries and graphics for technical material. Helene is fascinated by all elements of communication and professional growth. She trains and coaches groups and individuals on written and verbal communication techniques and skills. With a background in counseling, she easily builds trust and rapport with her audience and engenders a sense of confidence and “can-do spirit” in people. Helene is highly skilled working with both native and non-native English speakers.

We designed this program for a local government client based on its team’s challenges. Participants appreciated that the half-day sessions were concise and focused, that they were able to get one-on-one feedback (in private) with the facilitator, and that they had ample opportunities to practice and iterate throughout the program with real work. One person summed it up with: “Everything was valuable. The concepts in this course are integral to our work.”

Contact us for more details; or learn more in this one-page PDF description of the program: Zelos-CommunicatingwithClarity-forITProfessionals.