Yes, we are open. We never close, actually. We adapt. We innovate. We move forward, around, beyond. We look backward. We dream of the future, whatever it may be. When we can’t work with our clients because they’re in crisis-response mode, we check on them. “Are you okay?,” we ask. “Can we do anything to help?,” we ask. We marvel at what people are doing to thrive, to cope, to help. We release our positive energy into the universe. We fly. We believe you can fly too.

Can we help?

We are here for you, ready with all of our expertise and experience and care. Below are just a few programs we’ve been offering since March 2020. Let us know if you’d like more information. Because, yes, we are open.

  • Leading through the crisis: an urgent program for intact executive teams. Two short virtual sessions as a team, one-on-one coaching in between, and documentation of your own lessons learned.
  • Virtual retreats for intact teams in any organization. Whatever you planned to do in your next in-person retreat, we will help you deliver virtually–with a bit of creativity. Just ask; we can design together.
  • Leadership and staff skills training for anyone anywhere. We deliver our most popular in-person training topics in short, interactive virtual sessions.
  • Collaborative problem solving training and facilitation for intact teams or workgroups looking to learn how to collaborate more effectively in dealing with challenges and opportunities.
  • One-on-one coaching and guidance is also available on demand, any time. Need help looking for work, refreshing your resume or LinkedIn profile, adjusting to virtual work, making a decision about your future, planning for change? Our PATHZ Professional Growth Guides are right at the other end of the telephone:

We hope to see you or talk to you soon. In the meantime, we wish you the very, very best.