One Day in April….

…I received an email from Zelos inviting me to come celebrate with Stacia, the CEO, and the entire Zelos team. Stacia wrote:

“Every day, I wake up with extreme gratitude for the opportunities that I have to talk with, laugh with, collaborate with, strategize with, and serve our clients with you. On May 8, let’s all celebrate together. Please join me at the Columbia Firehouse so that I can personally thank you—with fun, light hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine, mingling, and a very special guest. About that special guest: I have often joked (and I have heard some of you say it too) that what we do isn’t magic… that it isn’t magic, or rocket science, or brain surgery. But actually it is. I believe that the way we all work together in support of each other and our clients is magic. And what better way to celebrate magic than with a magician?”

What We Do is Magic

The theme was “what we do is magic,” and Richard the Magician truly made jaws drop during a brief show. Later, he performed card tricks for individuals, and I (for one) have yet to figure out how he managed to transport a signed card from the deck to a sealed envelope in his jacket pocket!

After the guests had mingled for a bit, Stacia took the floor to thank everyone for coming and for their dedication to Zelos. She also shared several exciting bits of news, including upcoming projects and the hiring of a new full-time Communication and Documentation Specialist. There was clear emotion in her voice when she thanked the founder of Zelos, Lou O’Boyle, for being a wonderful friend, mentor, and confidant over the years. She then presented Lou and her husband Ernie with new Zelos-branded polos (apparently, they cut up their last Zelos t-shirt to put it in a frame on their mantle!).

Clarifying Connections

Before turning the show over to Rich the Magician, Stacia engaged everyone in a few quick activities that introduced them to new people. One activity had guests line up from people who had traveled from furthest to come to the party to the closest—some guests had traveled from North Carolina! Another spectrum activity was to line up based on who knew the most people at the party to who knew the fewest. Guests then mingled for the rest of the night, fueled by delicious hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Before they left for the night, guests were encouraged to post a sticky-note with their name on it to a poster that showed how everyone was connected to Zelos. This activity produced an impressive graphic of the Zelos network.


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